About C&N United Corporation Sdn Bhd

C&N is the perfect platform for hoteliers, restaurateurs, F&B buyers, Hypermarket, Chefs, and F&B Directors Who are to quality, safety and efficiency of the foodservice equipment. Established in 1999, C&N is one of the top 3 stainless steel kitchen equipment suppliers in Malaysia.  Since the beginning, the corporation is committed to supplying a comprehensive range of high-quality products at the assorted price range.

Our “all-in-one” One Stop Solution brings convenience to our clients as we are  Wholesale Importor & with our own Stainless Steel Manufacturing Facilities, we supply a full range of F&B Kitchen Equipment under one roof.  We are the solution to all your F&B Equipment finding thus saving you from the hassle of having to look for countless different types stores to find your desired equipment. Year after year, we h ave proven to maintain a track record of guaranteeing countless of satisfying customers and has earned C&N a reputation as one of the most anticipated supplier of its kind in the foodservice region.

The foodservice industry entrepreneurs stand to gain tremendously from purchasing from us as we are the importer, distributor, and wholesaler of the reputable brand from US, Europe, and Asia Regions; we are also one of the major kitchen equipment manufacturer and stainless steel fabricator. And this is why C&N is strategically successful in facilitating the sourcing and selling of global quality foodservice equipment in Malaysia.

What once again addressing the needs of a bakery and kitchen equipment supplier, we now call for a niche market with an exception of which is why C&N has grown significantly to seal its status as a specialist in supplying only the best and reputable brand of kitchen equipment in the market.

C&N invites you to share the experience and come forward in being our business partner to discover the possibilities in the foodservice arena from us with exceptional difference.

Importer and Wholesaler

We supply a wide range of the products which meet your budget, space allocation and really cut down on your overhead costs and allow you to reach much greater profits. The products that we enclosed are as below:

  • 1) Stainless Steel Equipment
  • 2) Commercial Refrigerator
  • 3) Cooking Equipment
  • 4) Bakery Equipment
  • 5) Beverage Equipment
  • 6) Warming Equipment
  • 7) Preparation Equipment
  • 8) Hotel Furniture
  • 9) GN Pans
  • 10) Storage Equipment
  • 11) Glasswares
  • 12) Buffet Display
  • 13) Weights & Measure



We always ready for project that does not able to deliver with ready-made kitchen equipment and set up. We have a team of highly experience stainless steel kitchen fabricator to ensure all customization will be able to meet yet delivering on timely manner. We have transform many client ideas into reality yet is the most durable and cost effective approach.

We treat each of the projects with “Solution-Oriented” approach and we believe in delivering each project with a dose of personal attention.

We have been fabricating for commercial kitchen, production factories, hypermarket, hospitals, and laboratories.